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10 Examples of Content Marketing Techniques

1. Articles

Writing quality articles and distributing them to article databases such as Articlebase.com and Ezine.com or through PR services such as PRnewswire.com and PRWeb.com is a great way to get your information out.  Be sure to have the titles engaging and the content well written and edited.

2. Blogs

Your company’s blog should have quality articles written about not only the product, but the industry as well.  This should get organic traffic to your company’s site hopefully in addition to shares by your readers and followers.  Also search all the relevant blogs that cover or industry or have your target market and offer to guest blog as often as possible.  (It is basically a free advertisement!)

3. Microsites

Creating individual smaller websites each for a unique purpose can be a great way to get your content read through SEO.  These could be for a product launch, or single aspect of your business.  For example, if you have an ecommerce company that sells unique house wares, you could make a microsite “uniquehousewarenews.com,” in order to get visitors interested in that certain industry, then link back to your website.

4. Videos

Quality videos can be uploaded to a variety of free submission video websites such as: Youtube, Vimeo, LiveLeak, Metacafe, Google Video etc.  Under each video or within the video state your company’s website and provide the viewer with some great video content to get them interested.

5. Images

Images in the past few years are a great way to market by content especially with Pinterest along with many of its clones.  All the image tagging websites have trackbacks back to your website which initially engage the potential customer then bring them back to the source.

6. Case Studies

Case studies can provide the potential customer with a great reason why they should deal with your company through written evidence of your best past accomplishments.

7. Infographics

This is a great way to get your message across to the readers in a not only informative but engaging way.  You can easily use a service called Visua.ly, to create and share your infographics.

8. eNewsletters

Have a newsletter signup on your page and every week write up some quality content and blast it out to your users.  Don’t overdue it though and make sure its to subscribers!

9. Research Reports

Create an industry report and send it out to industry blogs, with a “brought to you by XYZ company” at the beginning and end of it.  This will make your company look like a knowledge leader in the industry to your potential customers.

10. Social Media

Social media is of course a great way to share all the content methods not only listed above, but on a personal level as well.