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10 Examples of Creative Gifts for Under 10 Dollars

With the holidays coming up there is no better time to prepare your stocking stuffers.

1. Gingerbread Ninja Men Cookie Cutter

gingerbread ninja men, gingerbread ninja cookie cutter, gingerbread men cutter

On Amazon for $9.35

2. Finger Hockey Ring Game

finger hockey ring, finger hockey sticks, mini sports game, stocking stuffer

On Thinkgeek for $8.99 

3. Gummy Worm Soap

gummy worm soap, gummy shaped soap, unique soaps

On Etsy for $6.50

4. Zombies Hate Stuff Book

zombies hate stuff book cover, zombies hate stuff book

On Amazon for $9.95

5. Han Solo Ice Cube Tray 

han solo ice cube tray, han solo ice cubes, han solo accessories, star wars ice cubes

On Thinkgeek for $7.99

6. Water fountain sink tap

water fountain sink tap, water fountain tap, water fountain sink

Available on Amazon for $7.99

7. Pistol Handle Coffee Cup

pistol handle coffee cup, pistol coffee mug, unique coffee mug, coffee mug gift

Available on Amazon for $9.18

8. 5 in 1 Gadget Pen

5 in 1 gadget pen, all in one pen, pen gift, gadget pen

Available on Thinkgeek for $9.99

9. Thumb Wrestling Ring

thumb wrestling ring, thumb wrestle ring, thumb war game

Available on Amazon for $7.99

10. Head Massager

head massager, head massage claw

Available on Amazon for $3.82