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10 Examples of Native Advertising Networks

There are plenty of advertising networks out there, but only a select few offer ‘native advertising’ options. It should also be noted that there are quite a few individual websites that offer native advertising for themselves such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Buzzfeed, The Atlantic and so on. These examples below are native ad networks which are open and can be distributed among many websites.

1.  AdvertiseWithin

native advertising company, native advertising network


AdvertiseWithin is a buy direct marketplace of only native ad units. These units range from sponsored content to sponsored contests to sponsored trivia games and more. The publishers on this marketplace can add their custom units and set the price they want, giving them the flexibility to make them as custom as they choose. The advertiser can purchase available native ad units right on the website, while the publisher maintains the right to approve all purchases.

2. Outbrain

outbrain logo, outbrain's logo, outbrain

Outbrain is a native ad platform which recommends content across a variety of blogs. Some of the content recommendations are regular links while some are sponsored content recommendations. It is used on a variety of high reputation blogs.

3. Glam Media

glam logo, glam media logo, glammedia logo, glam website logoGlam Media offers both traditional and native advertising options for its network of publishers. Most of their native advertising involves different sponsored content sponsorships.

4. PaeDae

paedae logo, paedae website logo, payday logo


PaeDae is a native advertising network for mobile games. They award real life gift cards and coupons to gamers who have accomplished a certain level or task within the actual game. Paedae shares the revenue of the advertiser with the game developer as real-life awards are given.

5. Swoop

swoop logo, swoop company logo, swoop website logoSwoop distributes coupon-like integrated native ad units. The offer units are integrated with the publisher’s page and can offer deals or information.


disqus logo, disqus logo large, disqus company logo, disqus website logo
DISQUS recently released their sponsored content recommendations on certain publishers, above their commenting system, which is what they have been known for. The publisher can choose settings of how much sponsored content recommendations to show.

7. BlogHer

blogher company logo, blogher website logo, blogher logo

Blog her is an ad network of female bloggers. It isn’t a fully native advertising network, but does offer certain conversational or custom content advertising solutions.


GumGum in image ad logo, gumgum company logo, gumgum logo big

GumGum provides a native in-image ad solution.  It pulls relevant adds to be attached right within any relevantly tagged image on a publisher’s website.

9. Sharethrough

sharethrough logo, sharethrough video company logo, sharethrough website logo

Sharethrough is a native advertising platform specializing in sharing and distributed video ads through their network of publishers. The sponsored videos can be placed in both the sidebar and right in the content stream of the publisher.


virurl logo, virurl content logo, virurl company logo, virurl website logoVIRURL is a native advertising network where influencers can share advertiser’s links to their content.  Each time that link is clicked the influencer shares a portion of the earnings with VIRURL.