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5 Examples of Different Types of CAPTCHAs

A CAPTCHA or a “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart,” comes in several shapes, sizes and types.  These all work quite well against spam, but some are harder to solve than others, some are more fun than others, and some will benefit you monetarily on your website more than others.  There are plenty of examples but the most used ones today include: word solving, audio, branded, 3D and math solutions.  To help you make the choice of what users will have to go through when they want to interact with your website, we present 5 examples of the different choices.

1. The Standard Distorted Word CAPTCHA with an Audio Option

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This comes from the most popular CAPTCHA company out there, ReCAPTCHA.  It is reliable, but some of the distorted word images are rather hard to solve.  To get past that it allows you the option to “recaptcha,” in order to receive a new one.  There is also an audio option if you are unable to visually make out the word.

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2. Picture Identification Captcha

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This CAPTCHA by Picatcha provides the user with an elementary choice of choosing the correct image that they are asked to identify.  They never get harder than basic images so you won’t have to worry too much about your users not being able to depict the difference between them and the incorrect images.

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3. Math Solving Captcha

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If your users can’t solve these basic math problems then maybe you don’t want them commenting on your threads anyways.  These provide you with easy to read numbers that must be added in order to get past the CAPTCHA.

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4. 3D Captcha

3d image captcha, 3d captcha, 3d solution captcha

This one may  be one of the more difficult ones to solve, but it is sure to keep out robotic predators.  There are several types of three dimensional CAPTCHAs including both images and words.  They call it the “super-CAPTCA.”

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5. Ad-Injected CAPTCHA

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If your users are spending a few seconds everyday on CAPTCHAs why not earn some extra cash for your website?  This may seem iffy for the brand as they are associating themselves with a rather annoying process, but it does make sense in terms of brand recognition.  This particular example is of the main company providing this known as Solve Media.  Publishers get paid on a 60/40 split with Solve Media (Solve Media taking 60%) on a per solve/impression basis.

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