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Examples of Miniature Animals

Some mini animals deserve to be seen.  Whether it is their certain type of species like Pygmy monkeys or just certain newborns that have yet to grow, they sure are great to look at.  Check out some examples:

1. Mini Chamelion

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2. Miniature Kitten

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3. Mini Pygmy Monkeys

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4. Mini Hamster
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5. Mini Frog

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6. Newborn Pygmy Hippo

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7. Three Mini Marmosets

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8. Miniature Horse 

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9. Mini Newborn Lemur

miniature lemur, tiny lemur, smallest lemur, very cute lemur

10. Mini Pig… in red boots.

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Want some more examples of absolute animal cuteness?

Check out the book Unlikely Friendships: 47 Remarkable Stories from the Animal Kingdom by Jennifer Holland