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Examples of Mobile Ad Networks

Below are some examples of larger players in the mobile ad network world.

1. Admob

admob logo, admob logo large, admob google logo, admob

Admob is most likely the largest mobiel advertising network.  It is owned by Google and runs on a pay per click model.

2. iAd

iad logo, iad icon, iad logo large

iAd is Apple’s mobile advertising network.  All applications that reach the iOS app store can integrate this network into their apps.

3. Tapjoy

tapjoy logo, tapjoy icon, tapjoy

Tapjoy focuses on CPA actions.  It is deploys everything from a cost per install model to social actions.

4. Trademob

trademob logo, trademob network logo

Trademob serves impressions and banners globally on a data-driven approach.