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5 Examples of Companies That Use Drop Shipping

Drop shipping: when the store does not have inventory or handle shipping, but istead transfers orders to the manufacturers or suppliers after a customer places an order with the storefront.  There are countless examples of ecommerce stores that use drop shipping but here are five examples of successful web companies who started with or currently use the technique of drop shipping to fulfill their product orders.

1. Amazon

amazon.com logo, amazon logo, amazon company logoAmazon is a hybrid of drop shipping and fulfilling its own product shipments.  If you see that an order is coming from a third party supplier and not Amazon.com, then they are utilizing the drop shipping technique.

2. Fab

fab logo, fab.com logo, Fab company logo
Design based flash sale website that drop ships orders to design oriented suppliers.

3. MyWhiteWalls

my white walls logo


Uses various art suppliers and main marketing technique of SEO to get targeted visitors to their storefront.

4. Gilt Groupe
gilt logo, gilt company logo, gilt groupe logo, gilt groupe company logo, gilt.com logo
Makes deals with big brand names in order to carry out the product shipping fulfillment once someone orders a discounted product from this flash sale website.

5. Zappos

zappos logo, zappos.com logo, zappos company logo, zappos.com company logo
Zappos is an example of a company that started as a drop shipping company then transitioned to handle their own inventory once they wanted more control over their business.